Winter Blues!

Have you got the Winter Blues?

Christmas is over, so no more bingeing on chocolates, vegging on the sofa watching TV and enjoying stress free days, its back to reality. The weather has really taken its toll on my skin, hair and the food has definitely not helped my waistline. This time of year is a great excuse to pamper your hair and your skin. The weather and believe it or not our central heating can make hair, nails and skin, dry and lifeless. Try and take a little bit of time to yourself each day, smother on extra moisturiser on your skin and hair and try to keep your nails protected from the elemnets. Vitamin D is also essential for keeping away those winter blues so try and get out and about when the sun is out, take a walk during your lunch break or just cop a spot and enjoy the sun for 5 minutes, your skin will thank you for it.

Nail Help:

Try and keep your nails protected during the winter months, pop on a base coat that will help with the issues and keep them painted to protect them from the elements. Jessica Gel nails are perfect for nails in the winter, many of you feel that your nails need to have a break from having Gels on, this is not the case with Jessica Gels, they help protect the nails and the ingredients used help the health and growth of the nail. Book in and get those nails protected, dont forget your toes too, now is the perfect time to start having monthly Pedicures to get them ready for the summer.

Hair Help:

Our hair can really take a battering over winter and the Christmas period, if it wasnt dry enough, the shampooing, blowdrying and straiteneing/styling can really take its toll. Try and make sure that you get your hair cut on a regular basis so that the dead ends can be removed before they start to split up the hair, When straightening or blowdrying try and use a heat protecter on the hair to ensure that it doesn't get even more damaged. Finanlly make sure that you are using the correct shampoo and conditioner, use one thats good for coloured hair if you do have it coloured, and so on. Redken shampoo and conditioners do exactly what it says on the bottle and if you love your hair and the planet we also stock Pureology shampoo and conditioners, no sulphates, silicone free and uses 100% vegan formulas. Book in and make an appointment and the haristylist will talk you through what your hair needs.

Skin Help:

Moisture, moisture, moisture,  our skin craves it at this time of year, make sure in your daily routine that you moistuirise your face night and day and dont forget the rest of your body. My skin has been feeling dry and itchy and thats due to the lack of moisturising and exfoliating, it really is worth having a good exfoliator so that you can get rid of that dry skin and keep the skin feeling smooth. Regular facials always help and you will notice improvements in your skin tone, texture and appearance, its important to maintain this by using products at home too. We have a full range of Elemis and Dermalogica Facials available and we also stock the products to maintain the look.
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